GREEN revival
In these down economic times, the most important thing to do is to take charge of your finances and reduce costs. The focus of the Green Revival Initiative (GRI) is to keep money in the pockets of Arizona’s families and small businesses through the use of sustainable technologies.

There are significant health and financial benefits to Green/Sustainable living. However to convert to Green costs Green and low-income families those who need the help the most, often can least afford it. 

What Is To Be Done?

The Green Revival Initiative seeks to provide low income (fixed or otherwise) home owners or renters who pay their own utilities with easy to use and highly cost effective green technologies. The purpose is to help mitigate increasing energy costs. We are seeking to provide each home a Green Revival Sustainability Starter Kit containing for example: Twenty-one (21) CFL light bulbs, two (2) low-flow shower heads, a kitchen thermometer and a simple tire gauge. Proper use of this equipment could allow more than $500 of annual energy savings per household. Training will also be given in how to use the resources as well as in other ways to save energy if the home owner wishes. Additional information will be provided on how to access additional help with utility bills and weatherization through the Federal Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) and related local utility, government and charitable assistance programs. 

Tentatively, to qualify for this program, a household income must be at or below 150% of the Federal Low Income guidelines. 
The poverty rate in Maricopa County (Phoenix Metro) Arizona is currently hovering around 13%. This means there are literally hundreds of thousands of people that could be helped. Most importantly, every dollar that is saved goes back into the local economy. This could mean millions of dollars back in circulation to help reverse the current economic downturn.

Middle-Income Assistance

Green/Sustainable living can be of even greater assistance to those of middle-income, so called Main Street USA.  Thousands of dollars can be saved on an annual basis. Throughout the County there are energy programs where the local utilities will help home owners and small businesses be more energy efficient. Some program even offer rebates and possible loans on upgrades that will reduce home energy use. Along with assistance to those of low income, the GRI will also offer information to middle income families on what they can do to reduce energy costs through sustainability.

Pilot Program:

The dream of Green Revival is a big one, but is rapidly becoming a reality. We are quickly gathering a coalition of partners that will help the program move forward including the Arizona Minority Business Center, Southminster Social Service Agency and Arizona State University Online. ASU-Online is dedicating proceeds from the Green Jazz Series to this effort as has Southwest Green magazine.

As the program’s Fiscal Agent, a pilot project is being designed by Southminster Social Service Agency. Located in the 85040 zip code within the South Mountain Village of  Phoenix Arizona, the goal of the pilot is to assist a minimum of 1,000 families within the next year.


We are not seeking donations yet, but soon. If you are interested in knowing more about Green Revival and/possibly joining or donating in-kind materials or money to our effort, please fill out the survey (click here) and leave your email address so we may contact you in the future.


Social:     Energy costs reduced for 1,000 households allowing for additional resources be focused on improving family quality of life including     
                food, health,  recreation, and education. 
                Improved sense of self reliance economic security allowing for additional and synergistic benefits to be desired by each family.
                Thousands of families experiencing the benefits that sustainable living can bring along with hundreds of thousands of others now             
                aware of their success.

                 $300 to $500,000 annually added to the local economy in the middle of recession. 
                 100 million dollars worth of homes in less danger of foreclosure.
                 1,000 home in less danger of loosing critical utility services.

                Neighborhood carbon footprint reduced by 5.4 million pounds of carbon dioxide annually.
                Neighborhood use of gasoline reduced by 30,000 gallons annually.
                Neighborhood use of water reduced by 26 million gallons annually.

The Green Revival Initiative
Keeping Green in the Pockets of Arizona’s Families
GREEN Revival
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